May 26, 2009

PC idiocy says, "You can't say that. Tell us what we want to hear!"

Some people are just too stupid to breathe. I really gotta quit reading this kind o' stuff. It's too annoying.

In a 4-page article at ABC News, Sarah Netter writes about a med student who was born in Africa:

Filed Monday in U.S. District Court in New Jersey, the lawsuit traces a series of events that Serodio maintains led to his 2007 suspension, starting with a March 2006 cultural exercise in a clinical skills course taught by Dr. Kathy Ann Duncan, where each student was asked to define themselves for a discussion on culture and medicine.
After Serodio labeled himself as a white African-American, another student said she was offended by his comments and that, because of his white skin, was not an African-American.
According to the lawsuit, Serodio was summoned to Duncan's office where he was instructed "never to define himself as an African-American … because it was offensive to others and to people of color for him to do so."

People suck. I'm an ignorant white trash native bitch, so I can say that. (Do I need more commas? Hyphen? Whatever.)


Paul said...

How wierd. He is a white African American but he can't say that he is because some other people own those words? Haha, I will make up words and give them away, that will fix that problem. You are an ubercool fantasticalness.

Agnes said...

Well, thanks, Paul. But why didn't you tell me I misspelled hyphen? I'll never reach perfection at this rate. Heh.

Paul said...

I always spell wierd wierdly and scarey childishly with an 'e', oh and I spell religeon with an 'e' so it has 'eon' in it. I thought maybe your spelling of high-fun was one of those.

Maxine said...

How bizarre. When I went on a trip to London several years ago, my (then) partner was asked to fill in a form saying which culture he identified with. Though a white Australian with Irish background, he was staying in (black) Tottenham with myself and family and our son is 'mixed'. He ticked 'Afro-Caribbean' The receptionist apparently stared at him oddly but dared not challenge.