May 06, 2009

The Line I Think

Ego me, you bastard.
Show me your willy nilly,
your bumper sticker,
your pledge of allegiance.
Show me your rituals,
your entry point,
your ifs, ands, ors.
Show me your nevers.


Paul said...

Ha, an explosive little poem like a rocket, very cool.

Maxine Clarke said...

'Ego me, you bastard.' That is officially the best opening line of a poem I've yet read. Brilliant.

Agnes said...

Thanks, Maxine. BTW, I popped into your blog. If you're looking for spoken word/performance poets, you might check out Community of Poets (there's a link in the badge on the sidebar). Personally, I like to keep poetry inside my head, heh, but there are several spoken word poets there. Not sure about Australia, but I think there's a New Zealand site. And there are other open mic/radio groups linked there you could check out. Community of Poets is still new. Seems everyone's a bit shy. We could use new blood there to build up the energy. Yappers. It needs more yappers.

Paul, are you listening? Consider yourself invited.

Richard, are you lurking? We don't have a bear there yet either.




The Wholesome Satyr said...

I will, I promise but only if you acquiesce to D's latest suggestion regarding your role on Zeugma.

Agnes said...

Zeugma is almost dead, Ravi. It doesn't need another monitor.

Seems like mostly dead forums are everywhere I turn. It's pissing me off. Maybe I need new deoderant...

e said...

Too bad, because I really wanted to join your latest community. BTW Zeugma was in need of a resident editor or some such - we have a new monitor already, and he is one monitor too many.

Paul said...

It's not just you. I've joined three of those Ning communities over the last year or so. They always start out with a bang and then fade very fast. I can't even keep up with the blog so I will have to politely decline your invitation, sorry. Your paintings and poetry are uber-cool and you rock!