May 15, 2009

I Gave Away

I gave away my unicorn,
the clouds, the stars, the moon.
I gave away my somedays.
I gave away my soon.
I gave away my roses--
red, yellow, pink, and white.
I gave away my mornings;
I gave away the night.
I gave away my rainbows
and pretty butterflies.
I gave away my angels;
I gave away my whys.
I gave away my sunsets
and misty mountains high.
I gave away my greetings;
I gave away goodbye.


The Wholesome Satyr said...

Delightful! And not just because you so seldom work on rhyme. Intriguing, because for some reason I cannot seem to pin-point the pain behind the genesis of your latest efforts.

Agnes said...

Pin-point the pain? Who needs pain to poetate? Golly gee. When the muse says go, you go. Right? Write! This was inspired by something I read regarding bad poetry and unicorns. Might have been the poet laureate, whatshername. I forget. Anyway, I lived with the first line a while. Its rhythm seemed to require more of the same. Rhyme naturally (or not) followed. Read this without emotion. It's fairly matter-of-fact monotonous, isn't it. Heh. Guess I'm bored.
Rule #1: Never assume poetry is personal or an accurate portrait of the poet.
Rule #2: Hold on to the night.

The Wholesome Satyr said...

Good poetry is ALWAYS an accurate portrait of the poet. That is what gives it focus, makes it true. That is why too one cannot 'love the art but not the artist'.

Agnes said...

Poetry is just words processed through the reader's mind. Good and bad are just opinion, not Truth. There's no accounting for taste, yanno. You either like beets or you don't. Some folks stretch their lips with giant plates in the name of beauty. Some folks split their tongues. Some folks paint their houses purple. Some folks break all their words into letters and then toss them on a page and call it poetry. What are they thinking? I can enjoy the company of artists even when I think their poetry smells like butt. I can enjoy a poem and not know squat about the author as a person. I can enjoy a poetic style and totally and absolutely disagree with the poet's personal philosophy and worldview. I can agree or disagree with a poem's message and not apply it to the author as his/her personal conviction. I use many voices in my poetry. Perhaps this is why you can enjoy and/or identify with some of my poems and not others. "Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes." I don't like Walt's long-winded blowhard style, but I chose this quote for my personal motto. There's only one artist...with a million heads. Kali is my favorite Hindu god. Wake up. Can you hear me now? Will you still love me tomorrow?

e said...

but of course sweetie :)