May 10, 2009

Inside Spring Distractions

It's like I've never met
songbirds or angels.
The sun, a cup,
rises half-way
between the rains,
odorless, its shame
a warm distraction.


RHE said...

I am easily confused by things computerly. Why exactly is the word "distraction" a hyperlink to the blog of Dave Bonta?

Thanks you for what is certain to be an illuminating response.

Very truly yours,
The Ignorant Heathen, Languishing in the Dark

Agnes said...

Hi Richard. You really must visit more often. This poem was created with words taken from Bonta's poem Spring Distractions. Thus Inside Spring Distractions. The hyperlink should link directly to Bonta's poem Spring Distractions--it's a way of acknowledgment without the distraction of url in footnotes, I guess.

urls are ugly

Paul said...

But your poem is lovely.