June 04, 2009

Hey! I was just thinking about that.

Okay, guys. This synchronicity thing is startin' to weird me out. A while back, it was birds. Everywhere I looked, birds. (Actually, they're still there, but I've grown used to them. They don't surprise me much anymore.) Now it's the elephant. Life is but a circus. Hurry. Somebody send in the clowns! What's really funny is that the poets' site I created a few weeks back (but have yet to open) is called Poetic Jesters. It has kind of a carnival theme. Isn't that funny? Well, isn't it? Hmmm. Maybe it's just me...

By the way, has anyone really figured out what Silliman is talkin' about yet? I keep fallin' asleep.

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Paul said...

It is an amazing thing, the synchronicity thing of the web. Happens all the time. I think it has something to do with there being literally no time and space on the internet. Everything exists all the time (unless you delete it) and everything is adjacent to everything else because of links and bookmarks. No-one knows what Silliman is talking about, not even Silliman. He is the Brittany Spears of poetry blogging, famous for being famous, not because he makes any sense.