June 17, 2009

The devil, you say

Is there an intellectual in the house? I'm not sure, but I think I may have been called a snide smart ass.

Oh, woe.

Maybe I should have lied and told Adam I loved that poem. That it's the edgiest poem I've ever read. Swear to God and hope to spit. I want to go read it fifty more times, maybe even memorize it. Or perhaps I'll just chop off my head instead. Less painful.


Paul said...

You Rock!!!!!!!!!

Agnes said...

Yeah. My head's full of 'em. Adam's talkin' about movements today. Do you think he'd know edgy if it shit on his shoe?


Let's face it. I am often a smart ass. It's a curse. Or a blessing. Take your pick. I mean who'd rather be a dumb ass, dense as dirt and half as witty? Isn't it enough that my ignorance is enormous? Heh.

Oh, well.

Paul said...

I think Adam is having a movement today. Yesterday someone disagreed and they were a 'smartarse'. Today someone else disagreed and they are an 'imbecile'. I suppose the fact he is an arrogant tosser doesn't necessarily mean that his theories are wrong. The fact that most of what he says doesn't make any sense on the other hand,