March 29, 2009

Put Your Ego in the Subject Line

Poets and writers blog.
Do you have news--
brand new dysfunction?
We're interested
in the rebellious line,
fruitless efforts, starving
calico cats at the corner
coffee shop. Look closely
in this shattered mirror.

Spectacled ampersands
leap, flutter dusty wings
in rhythm with the magic
wind, strong and free...
the draft fades away
in standard cliche.
Coitus abandoned.

Poems are selfish--
silhouettes and cigarettes,
a hearty fuck you,
and a belt-notching
for universal appeal.

We live with our flaws.


Paul said...

You are brilliant. I followed your instructions to the 't' not because I wanted to but because your skill as a poet and mastery of rhythmic cleverness made me. And at the end I wasn't sure if I liked what I saw but I enjoyed the trip immensely, you are an amazing poet.

Agnes said...

Paul, are you trying to make me blush? Careful. If I have a hot flash and blush at the same time, my head might catch fire.