March 21, 2009

Inside A Poet's Guide

The binding may occur
in several stages,
from simple to complex.
The first striking can be brief,
pausing at the line.
One might speculate,
but chooses instead a mimicry.
Consider the loops.
Perhaps these postponements
conceal something.
Gnarled and ungainly,
the middle spins,
knotting the extremes.


The Wholesome Satyr said...

* L7 - "chooses"?

* Comma after Note L1 or "Note that".

Strange that with so much 'speculation' and unknown 'somethings' the extremes still get knotted.

Agnes said...

Chooses. Yes. I think that instead of adding a comma I shall eliminate Note. After that, I'm going to take my machete to your blog and kill all your commas. Mwahaha... ::wink::

Paul said...

For some reason my machinery of google reading is missing your RSS feed which is annoying because I am missing out on your supercool poetry. I will fix it right now. Your poem sing and dance in their language and swing and boggle in their ideas.