August 08, 2007


Whatever you've come here to get,
forget it. The muses sleep and dream
of bygone lines, of dusty words,
and of the men who chased them.
Ink drops, smears, dries on the page
while you hold your breath.


AakASH!!! said...

Hi Agnes,
I am not sure if you remember, but this is Aakash! (once from Zeugma).

Just saw your blog today, thought i'll drop a Hi!

RHE said...

That's it? After a 6 1/2 month hiatus, 6 lines? You need some sort of dietary supplement. Bran, perhaps, or Tincture of Glossolalia.

Agnes said...

Hi, Aakash. Nice of you to drop by.

Agnes said...

Ah, Richard. Does bran work better than a kick in the butt?

zaphodfreek said...

I read your words gently and gladly.