January 22, 2007


You tell me
I once appreciated
the taste of wild meat--

that I never curled my nose
away from venison, rabbit,
pheasant or squirrel,

but all I remember is rotting

fish skulls nailed to a tree,
bluebottle flies buzzing
near buckets of legless frogs,
piles of bony rodent feet,
and the stench of wet
feathers and blood.

You tell me
I once appreciated
the taste of wild meat,

and I know you must miss
that bright-eyed girl--

the tiny child who begged
"More rat, Daddy. More rat!"
always smiled and giggled
as you filled her plate.


qazse said...

wow, great and grisly images. Please tell me about the rats.

Agnes said...

Muskrats, qazse.


zaphodfreek said...

Brilliant Poem.

You're really impressive.

e said...

Hey, how've you been :)

jessica said...

Hello, I would've emailed you, but could not find an email address listed anywhere. This is an odd request maybe, but I was wondering if you could remove a post you left on this page a couple of years ago:


I removed my profile, but your post quoted one of my poems w/ my full name in it. I would rather that not come up in a google search. Thanks for understanding.

Agnes said...

I don't think there's any way I can edit that post. There have been a lot of changes to that forum since that post was made. Many old posts were lost when the board changed. You can ask riverwriter at that site what to do. You can ask to have that entire thread deleted. I don't mind. I doubt the other two posters I see there will care either.

I really should check in here at my sadly neglected blog more often.

I'm a bad bad Agnes.