January 28, 2011

There is a World

and untamed,
this is my world
above the surface.

Sometimes at night
I blink and glimpse
the possibility
of nothing below.

and unpredictable,
fantasy and truth
collide in blankness.

I can't dwell there.

Motivated by self interest
and the law of emotion,
I bounce back and become
a million hands.

You can only lose
your innocence once.


Claudia Luna said...

Pretty nice and interesting :)

Ankit said...

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365 Attempts (At Life) said...

Wow. "Interconnected
and unpredictable,
fantasy and truth
collide in blankness."
Perfectly put. Nice blog you have here.

Treasure Hunts said...

Just Beautiful,

thanks for sharing, you should write your own poets e-book!!



heart rumbles said...

Life and poetry which voice to answer at any given moment. I have my own worlds. Very nicely put into your wonderful words. I like it very much.

Tito Dutta said...

That's good poetry Agnes!