July 08, 2009

What the hell is up with google/blogger?

I pop in today. Everything looks normal. I leave, wander around the net, and when I come back my "Bright and Shiny Poets" links are missing. Damn. So I go inside settings and check, and the links are still there. Hmmm. I come back to this page and the links are up again. But NOW when I click on any of my bright and shiny poets links I find a big ugly yellow feeds box slapped on the top of their blogs. Who the hell thought that one up? Idiots. Off with their heads! I hope I'm dreaming...

::two minutes later:: It's back to normal.

Since you're here anyway, might as well have some FUN.

1 comment:

How are you today? said...

Oo I feel all tingly inside. Should we stop? hahahahahaha fabulous!