February 28, 2009

Poet Watching

Gloomy word-cloud shadows
bump and grind together,
shedding dada mirrors--
yellow, orange, red.
Grammar is begotten,
tit for tat. The pretty ones
adjust their wings, preen and sing--
but alone in the gap beyond the end
of the world, I'm too busy to respond.


The Wholesome Satyr said...

One hopes your poet has more time and does respond tho :)

Paul said...

There's something about these poems which deny themselves. I need a word for them. The poem says you are alone and too busy and yet it is itself a response and a communication. It's a very well made poem too.

Agnes said...

Contradiction? Paradox? Bologna?

Paul said...

Inner-rotating paradoxically inverted mind spiral with twist? Maybe just bologna, it's easier to type.

Agnes said...

I'll buy that.