November 05, 2008


The polls are closed.
The vote is in:
I'm sick of politics,
it takes a village statists,
home-grown socialists,
big government, agendas.
I've got a plan.
I'd like to share the wealth--
shove the Buddha up
a Democrat's ass.
Don't get me wrong.
The elephant is past its prime
and staggers under the weight
of self-righteousness.
Neither animal can read
the Constitution that lines
the floor of its pen
where We the People
lies covered in excrement.
The polls are closed.
The vote is in.
Devotees dance and cheer,
shed tears--red, white and blue,
and chant the victor's name.
I'd like to join the party,
drop my pants
and moon Lady Liberty,
but first Shikantaza.

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