August 03, 2006

Man Song

Man with two hearts, look what you've done.
You made me love you. Rainy day man,
walking man, you're not mine anymore.
Isn't it a pity. You won't see me cry.

Sharp dressed man, good lookin' man,
hoochie coochie man, honky tonk night time man--
somebody to love--tall, dark handsome stranger,
you sexy thing, what's your name?

Mean old man, street fighting man,
branded man, renegades, rebels, and rogues,
all the madmen--bad boys--
Push me. Pull me. Take what you need.

No ordinary man--iron man,
starman, a better man--
the supermen! Oh, you pretty things,
too much heaven, who do you love?

Handy man, jigsaw man,
hard workin' man, don't walk away.
Simple man, family man,
salt of the earth, never let me down.

I'm countin' on you. Mother Nature's son,
piece of my heart, you know what to do.
Stand by me. Do me right.
Love me like a man. I am woman.


Cherie! said...

"Play it again Sam....."

QAZSE said...

clever...was this for poetry Thursday?

Agnes said...

Poetry Thursday? Not really, but it fits.

twitches said...

It does have "Sharp dressed man" in it, and no one else submitted a ZZ Top poem.

But seriously, I love the rhythm of this. I bet it sounds good read aloud!

Alnot said...

I take what I need but I also give in gratitude because it is the right kinda attitude.